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Thanksgiving is upon us again and it is infamously known as being the binge holiday. It is one of those holidays that feel extra stressful approaching, for many of us who either are dieting right now or struggle with overeating.

It is a time where things usually go out the window for the day and overeating is a basically a family tradition.

I've been "dieting" for a good amount of my life and through that I have learned what works and what doesn't. I've also learned what is unhealthy but accepted and what isn't but not commonly practiced.

If you've been committed to a diet and have a bad cheat day, you know the feeling that comes over you the night of a cheat, while you lay in bed so full, it hurts. Where you wonder why you made such poor decisions and over did it like that.

I've been there more times than I can remember and it's not fun.

So, what is one to do with so much temptation and social pressure?

Well, this year is a bit different than previous years, you most likely don't have that family/social pressure weighing on your as much, cause COVID, but you still have the temptation and ability to over do it regardless of social restrictions.

The obvious answer is BALANCE but the how is the bigger question to answer.

I will offer some options below to help you find some balance and accountability during this feast of feasts.

  1. Track what you eat. Don't focus too much on macros but rather just get a clear picture of just how much you are eating. This helps you be more aware of the decisions you are making. It helps you step back a little but this can go either way depending on the kind of personality you have, y'all know what I am talking about, you "Fuck it" personalities.

2. Set boundaries with yourself. This can be in the amount of servings you set for yourself, in the foods you allow yourself to eat, the amount of dessert you allow yourself or the numbers of plates you have. It's always a good idea to set boundaries with yourself and be clear about those boundaries; write them down, put them as a background on your phone, whatever helps.

3. Design: You are the designer of this holiday most likely, so you set the menu. Don't cook things that you know you will have no self control over.

4. Redesign: Change your favorite recipes to make them healthier. You know Pinterest has the hook up when it comes to that.

5. Intuitive eating is not a great idea 99% of the time for goals but holidays it allows you to enjoy the holiday without being too restrictive. This is eating with awareness. Eat and enjoy but stop before you are full. Remember, this is most likely not your last meal, the food isn't going anywhere, eat to enjoy but not over do it.

6. Spread it out: Have smaller servings but let some time pass between plates. Hey, spreading out the fun, makes the fun last ;)

7. Enjoy yourself! Dieting and goals are important but live your life, you can have fun and enjoy yourself and not over do it. It's hard to remember in the moment but you will feel so much better and happier knowing you did both instead of just one.


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