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I use to hate training at home. I am a gym rat through and through but life is all about adapting and with COVID we have all had to adapt to new ways of life.

I knew we were in this for the long haul and I need to workout even if I don't want, I need to. So, I immediately made myself get comfortable with working out at home. After figuring out the vibe and set up that I felt would make the most sense and motivate me the most to do what I hate doing, (working out at home) I made my home gym for less than $500 with the exception of an Assault Bike which I added later, mostly because I knew the likelihood of me running on a regular basis by myself and with Cali fire season on top of it, would be very low so, I needed something to easily accessible in order to keep up on my cardio. I know myself by now and with all things in life, we have to set ourselves up for success if we want to be successful and doing the things we know we hate, we gotta make it more easily accessible. I knew I'd use it, so I got it.

I will include another air bike option but bear in mind that cardio equipment options are completely unnecessary unless you have some kind of injury or chronic issue, if you do not, then you only need your body to get your heart rate up, a piece of equipment for it is just a bougie bonus.

So, let's dive in!

1. Dyna Band

Dyna bands don't get as much love as they should but they are so cheap and so useful. I have found so many uses for the Dyna band that it will remain a staple in my training forever.

I like the Dyna band because unlike the resistance bands with handles the tension is smoother and more consistent.

You can anchor these (we will get to that) or throw them over something and use them for tricep extensions, rows, lat pulldowns, stretching and so much more. They bands do have a down side and that is they do snap after a lot of use and when they do, hopefully it's not in your face.

2. Door Anchor

This one is pretty obvious, but it really is worth the mention. You can attach bands to most doors using this anchor and it allows you to use multiple angles for working with bands.

3. Pull-Up Band

I love these bands, they are extremely versatile. What I love most about them is you are able to loop them through themselves, anchor them to something and get wild with different types of exercises. I like to anchor mine to my stationary bike and slide a wooden bar through and use the bar as a handle to do rows but by themselves you can do lat pull downs, assisted or resisted movements such as squats, pull-ups, so on.

With pull-ups if you have a set of different resistances, you can slowly build your pull-up strength by decreasing in assistance as you get stronger until you no longer need a band.

4. Adjustable Dumbbells

When COVID hit, I did not expect for dumbbells to be such a hot commodity but they were sold out everywhere and the ones for sale were marked up by $100's of dollars. Thankfully new brands emerged with affordable prices. I have been using these dumbbells the entire time and they have been a solid set of dumbbells, no complaints whatsoever. I was skeptical at first but it seems the more I use them, the more impressed I am. They have a flat side on one side which allows for a more stable use of them when using them on the ground, which I love, the adjustments are easy and they are sturdy. I highly recommend them.

5. Sliders

I like sliders a lot because they compact, easy to use and extremely versatile. You can do so many things with these things. I have always loved sliders but using them during this time has reignited my excitement for them. The brand you use is touch and go with the type of flooring you have but most of them work perfectly fine. I love these for burner mountain climbers at the end of a leg set. You can get sliders with the hip bands which is a great deal because you can use those bands for a lot of different exercises but as far as exercise bands go, the fabric ones are 100x better.

6. Foam Roller

Working out is great but working out those pressure points is the cherry on top for this masochistic gym rat. Foam rollers are a gym necessity. When things are hurting, sore or feeling tight, the roller is you handy friend that helps ease some of that discomfort. I prefer Rogue or Trigger points. I love Rogue because the rollers are quality and I've had mine for 6 years and you wouldn't even be able to tell, and I use mine regularly. Trigger points however is a good in between on intensity as the Rogue roller is high up there in intensity. Trigger points offers a softer release and is compact. I will throw in that I do not recommend the rollers with higher pointy ridges. Myself and clients find them to be too harsh in not a good way and uncomfortable, it's not as nice of a roll as with a flatter roller. I feel the ridges get in the way.

7. Barbell and Bumper Plates

I got this barbell before COVID but it still have been a lifer saver. I don't have a lot of plates for it because I don't need them nor have the space. These with the 10lb plates I do have, along with resistance bands, these are perfectly sufficient for what I need them for.

8. Bungee Resistance Bands

If my ex-business partner gifted me with anything worth mentioning it was introducing me to these bands. They are safer when it comes to snapping, and they last longer, these are softer on your skin, so they don't pull on your skin or hair. I like them a lot and don't buy bands that aren't covered like these anymore. The pack I am linking, has a door anchor and some ankle attachments.

9. Swiss Ball

I love Swiss Ball's, they are so useful. You can do hip bridges on them, hamstring curls, and so much more. Not to mention they act as a bench and help with working those stabilizing muscles. You can do so many things with a Swiss ball, the only downside is the do take up space and can be annoying to always see around if you don't have a space for them.

10. Battle Ropes

If you have the space for them, do it. They are a great cardio/conditioning tool. Not to mention low to no impact! They don't take a lot of experience or expertise and are fun to play with.

11. TRX/Suspension Trainer

These can be hooked to an anchor or your door and there is endless amounts of exercises you can do with these babies. The best part is you are using your body weight and gravity as your resistance and weight. They are compact so they are easy to carry and travel with, which is the main reason they were created originally. Known by its original brand TRX, these were made by a former Navy Seal. These are a great addition to your gym equipment. You can find more affordable options here.


12. Air Bike

I fell in love with these bikes when I got one for my training gym back in Seattle. They are a lot of fun, great conditioning, no impact and you work both your upper and lower body. The only downside is they are a bit loud when you use them, especially deepening on the bike you choose. I'll list my favorites.

Another great option and my first air bike.


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