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It's not easy to get back on the wagon once you've had a hard fall. The longer you are on the ground the harder you have to work to get a grip on everything again.

Sometimes it seems like an impossible task. You question if you will ever get it together and do what you need to do.

This road is a road I've taken many times in my life. It is a struggle I am more than familiar with and over the years I have learned how I best come out of these holes I sometimes dig myself into. I have decided to write out the ways that I have found most helpful when you are trying to get it together again.


Write down everything you want to change and why. Go in depth with yourself. Write down all the ways in which you want to improve and all the reasons that are motivating you to change. We do better by writing things down, so write it all down.


Go through your house and eliminate all the things that stand in your way. Eliminate all the things that are too tempting and won't serve you in your goals.This can include habits like sitting too much, watching tv and eating, going out for lunch every day and it can even include people! Eliminate as many triggers and temptations as you can. Best rule for food in the house is don't buy it in the first place.


Layout exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals. List out what days you will workout, what you will do on those days. Write out your grocery list, figure out the meals you want to eat during the week, calculate them to make sure they fit your dietary goals. Map it all out. Make a plan like you are mapping out a treasure map. List all the details you will need to make it to that treasure (your goals).


Surround yourself and or start your day in the way that will produce the best results. For me, I love starting my day with a fitness video or article. Something that motivates and inspires me to be better. I also love the calm and focus that a warm cup of tea brings me in the morning. It sets me on the path to my day of fasting and I sip on it to keep my mouth occupied and distracted from wanting to break my fast. Think about your ideal environment and this goes for working out as well. I workout best in a dark setting, nice ambiance of lights, loud music, (different genre for each workout) and temp is cool. These are things that I have learned boost my motivation and overall mood when it comes to working out. Think about yours and create that environment to the best of your ability.


This by far is my favorite and most effective tactic. If I just came off a period of time where I was not being good on my diet and eating whatever I wanted and however much I wanted, I know that cutting myself off dry won't heed the best results for me. I'll easily crumble back into my bad habits. I instead think about something that I really enjoy and find a way to make it healthier and set that as my days meals. For example, if I am doing Keto, I will have a low carb quesadilla on day 1 for dinner. If I am doing Paleo, I will start off with my favorite Paleo stir-fry or something like it. The moral of the story is start you day or week off with things that get you excited to start. Chicken and rice is not exciting and most definitely will lead to just ordering food. Eat foods that excite you and support your goals.


Be honest with yourself. This is important. You are not going to suddenly become this new person. You are trying to become a new person, you are trying to change. That takes time, so be honest with yourself. Are you really going to want to cook everyday after work? If you aren't then meal prepping on a Sunday is a better plan. Are you really going to want to workout after work? If you aren't then either workout before work or recruit some accountability and support, maybe a workout partner to workout over Skype with you or get a trainer. Are you really going to eat a boring chicken and rice meal for dinner tomorrow? Probably not, so find something that's healthy and appetizing. You want to understand and work with your weaknesses. Muscling through all of it with just willpower isn't the best approach. Know yourself, know how you work and work with that.

Lastly, be patient and consistent. Change takes time and you will most definitely not be perfect on this journey and that's OK! The more you do it, the easier and more natural it becomes.



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