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What You Do Matters

The main question is are you doing the right thing to achieve your goals?

Since COVID-19, most countries have had to go into lockdown. With that the demand for at home workouts has grown significantly. Everyone is shopping around for free workouts and checking their options in terms of at home fitness.

If you go on IG your feed might be littered with new workouts and free programs. It is great to see everyone out there pushing great fitness content and options for people who don't have many others or are looking for something to just keep them active during this time.

While all these workout trends are emerging and doing something is better than nothing it's important to remember that what we do matters and what we are looking to achieve should guide what we do.

Simply just doing some type of exercise or program is great if your goal is just to move but when you have more specific goals in mind what you do is key to what kind of results you are going to yield.

There are wide variety of goals that people have and with that are specific methods and training protocols to help achieve those goals. A couple of the things that are important to pay attention to are exercise selection, TUT (time under tension), recovery, reps and sets, periodization, and load to name a few.

It's important to take inventory of everything you are doing and lay it out and see if it aligns with what you are trying to achieve. If it does, then keep doing it, if it doesn't then scrap it find out what does. It's like trying to make your favorite pizza but instead of buying the specific ingredients you want and cooking it

how you need it to be cooked to turn out how you want, you just grab whatever off the shelves and put it together and cook it for a random time and hope it turns out how you wanted. The ingredients of your workouts and programming, matter.

Right now, a lot is going on and yet so little is going on. Not everyone has time to figure out exactly what they should be doing, focusing on and working to achieve their fitness goals and that is where coaches and trainers come in. We do all the confusing, detailed work so all you have to do is do the work.

We figure out what type of workouts you should be doing, how much rest recovery you need, how many calories you should and shouldn't be eating, we add that extra level of accountability that all of need at some time or another. We look and see all the things you didn't think to even look or pay attention for.

That is what we are here for, we are here to look at your life, your goals and all the details and plan it out for you so you don't have to.

The problem with mass generated plans is they aren't tailored to you or your goals, they are made to make you sweat and work hard and that's usually the extent of it. These are perfect for someone who is just trying to burn more calories or release some energy but if your goals are more specific than that, your plan has to be more specific than that.

So, remember when choosing a fitness plan or workout program, make sure it's tailored to your goals and purpose. Cookie cutter workouts will get you results but not necessarily the results you are looking for.



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