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Eating Healthy in Quarantine

As you all know the grocery stores have been hit hard by shoppers prepping to quarantine. With that everyone is stocking up on food to last them for a couple weeks.

A lot of that food being frozen, preservative riddled, high sodium, low nutrient yielding foods.

This is a problem not only for your goals, but also for your stomach and overall health. It is more important than ever to make sure you are keeping on top of your health.

Well health is directly correlated to the things we consume. Our gut bacteria needs to be populated and fed properly in order to keep our immune system functioning at its best. This means high fiber foods and key nutrients are what you want to be looking for.

While eating a diet completely filled with whole foods is hard right now, there are some solutions and one of the biggest one that most people don't know is you can freeze a lot fruits and veggies!

This is very helpful as it will diversify your diet and help keep you on top of keeping your immune system strong and happy.

Below I have listed out foods that can be froze and preserved longer than usual:


These are a must. You can blend them or cut them up for freezing. Use some lemon juice to preserve them longer.


Trim the bottoms and store them!

Bell Peppers

Remove stem and seeds, cut them up and bag them.


Grate it first then store it in a freezer bag!


Do not freeze whole eggs, crack and whisk then pour into a bag or ice cube or another type of tray.



Freeze first in a tray then transfer to bag to continue freezing to avoid them sticking to one another.


Peel first, freeze on tray then transfer to freezer bag.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Remove the stems and cut into smaller portions before freezing.


Grate or cut up and place in freezer bags.


If you freeze broth in jars or glass containers make sure to leave it a little loose as it expands and you don't want to break it. Also do not freeze hot items in glass, let cool first.

Homemade food items

Throw that pizza in a freezer bag and enjoy later.

Pasta Sauce

You can place the sauce in freezer bags and lay flat for more room and storage.

Protein Pancakes

Freeze separately in order to avoid them getting stuck together.


Wash and trim then freeze


Freeze them as sauce or cut them but cutting them may cause some mushiness.


Dice them however you like them. Bigger pieces are less likely to get mushy.


Make sure there's room for expansion in whatever you place it in.

Flax and Chia Seeds

These puppies are key and packed full of nutrients. Bag em and freeze em. HIGH FIBER FOOD


Freeze them! Diversify your nut selection too!


Probiotics! That good, good for the gut.

So, don't think you can have to throw healthy eating out the window now. Whole foods are not be bought out so it's not only a great time to get them but also to store them for later.


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