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Measuring Success

When it comes to fitness most people bases success off the scale.

Everyone is scared of knowing or talking about how much they weigh, when weight is literally just a number. It does not give a clear picture of ones health in the least. It gives us a number that tells us how much a person weighs and that is it.

So, I am going to talk about other ways of measuring fitness and success that are more important.

1. Starting point

It is key you make initial measurements of your starting point. Things such as how fast can you run a mile or how many push-ups or pull-ups can you do. Things that are measurable that matter. These are things that actually measure your level of fitness. I allows you to go back and compare how far you have come. Strength and cardiovascular health are far more important measurements than your weight on the scale.

2. Pictures

When you start to live better, you feel better. This can be better seen in pictures. This is why it is important that you take progress pics even if you aren't going for an aesthetic goal, you are able to document and see the changes in your body more easily. We see ourselves everyday, so we miss out on those little changes, like a little more tricep pop here or a little less bulge there etc. It can be uncomfortable to take pictures of yourself when you are not happy with yourself but believe me, you will wish you did. Your current state is not your permanent state, don't forget that.

3. Body-fat/measurements

The number on the scale is how much you weigh but it does not tell you how much body fat you carry. If we measured The Rock, based on his weight and his BMI it would likely say obese and unhealthy. We have to take into consideration our body-fat to muscle ratio as well as our starting body measurements to our current ones. Maybe the scale says the same weight but your measurements tell a different story and that story is you lost two inches around your stomach. While the scale would have you thinking you gotten nowhere, the truth is you burned off fat around your stomach. This is a much better measurement of your success in your fitness/program.

4. Tests

It is always a good idea to ask/get tested annually. Just to get a snapshot of where your iron, glucose, blood pressure and other biomarkers are. The healthiest looking people are not always the healthiest on the inside, often times the most fit looking person has a lot going wrong under the hood that needs addressing. Keep these things in mind and get tested regularly.

5. The feels

How you feel is one of the most important measurements of your success. The scale can say you gained a pound or two but how you feel about yourself is more important than any number a scale will ever give you.


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