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The Most Important Thing

When it comes to going after something often times we never get out of the gate. We get stuck in our head and we get anxious and stressed out before we even begin. 

The whole purpose of a goal is growth. We don't set goals for things we can already do and have accomplished. We set them for things we want to attain, things that are currently out of our grasp. The basis of our goals no matter what the goal is, is to grow. 

Regardless of the goal, we stunt our growth all the time. We make decisions that don't necessarily get us any closer to our goals, often we do things that only get us further from them.  

Why do we do that? 

There could be many reasons we self-sabotage. Sometimes we aren't even doing it knowingly. We just respond poorly to certain things. Things such as criticism, anxieties, or stress. 

All of those things have the same thing in common though and that thing is fear. 

We fear we will miss out on a moment so we go to the bar when we know we shouldn't. We fear we will not succeed at our dumb goals anyways so why try? We fear people will judge us, so we don't ever put ourselves out there or get ourselves into the gym. We fear we will not be happy if we don't eat that whole large pizza right now. We fear we will never be good enough, strong enough, fit enough, pretty enough, or (fill in the blank). The challenge will be too hard and we won't be able to do it. 

Fear is useful, don't get me wrong. Fear can be used to motivate us but often times it freezes us in place. The very place we are trying to escape. 

We have to discard the mindset that we are not good enough, that we will never be where we dream of being, that we are simply less than and incapable of achieving the very things we desire most. 

We can do that by shifting our focus from what isn't going right or what might not go right onto what is controllable. What do you have in your control right now? What you put in your mouth, the time you make to get your workout in, the thoughts you allow yourself to simmer in all day long. These are all key things in your fitness journey that are completely within your control. 

Challenges will come your way, it's not the challenge that ends the journey, it's you. You decide when to throw in the towel. You decide wether or not to step up to the challenge and defeat it. Will it be hard? Probably. Will you struggle? Most likely. Will you have to make sacrifices? Yes, but not forever. Will you make mistakes? You probably will, but that is where learning happens.

If you look at mistakes and "failures" as learning opportunities, you will grow. The whole goal is to grow and you can only make mistakes by trying, making mistakes means you are trying and taking those lessons from failing means you will be growing as well. 

At the end of the day focus more on the process than the outcome. The desired outcomes only comes from the process and the process is something that comes with time and effort. If you keep with it, consistently putting in effort even after fails and setbacks and focus on what is in your control you will succeed. 


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