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Goal Setting in the New Year

Everyone says that key to success is setting goals and if you have ever heard me talk about goals it is that it's not necessarily about setting goals and writing them down.

It is more about the goals you set.

You can set goals all day. You want to be this fit and have this much money by this age and so on.

What makes the biggest difference from what I have learned is the type of goal you set.

Setting an easily attainable goal is great except it will often lack the motivation and drive behind it to succeed.

Something that usually sets people on fire to accomplish something is setting a goal slightly outside of "unrealistic" and wholly in the category of scary.

I am not talking weight loss that is unhealthy or a body image that is crazy.

I am talking setting a goal that scares you enough to actually wake up and train for because when you set goals that scare you, you are more likely to get up and train for them.

In 2011 a client sent me a video of a race called Spartan. I saw the video and it seemed crazy. Unlike anything I had ever seen before. I hated running, I never had an interest in racing and especially not in racing that included running.

I was intrigued, it looked scary and hard. So, I researched it and found they had 3 distances to choose from.

Sprint 3+ Miles with obstacles

Super 8+ Miles with obstacles

Beast 12+Miles with obstacles

Having never run a race or even more than a mile before I decided to do it, but not only to do it, I decided go big or go home and signed up for the Beast.

I gave myself about 12 weeks to train and I trained hard. I found myself one day running 9 miles with a friend. 9 miles! Who was I? I could never get myself to run more than a mile before this, what happened?

I gave myself a challenge that was slightly unrealistic to me and very scary and it motivated me to actually train for it.

That race was the hardest thing I had ever done up to that point. It took me over 6 hours to complete in the cold, windy, rainy and muddy hills of Sacramento, but I did it. I finished that Beast and swore I'd never do one of those again. Until the next week after I recovered from it and got the hunger for another challenge.

I went on to do 7 total Spartan Races. It became addicting, each one them unlike any of the others, scary and difficult just enough to motivate me to train for them.

So, find a goal that fits that criteria. Challenge yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone this year and try and do things you thought were never in the cards for you, it will change your life for the better.


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