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Mistakes I made when I lost weight

In 2009 I began my journey of weight loss. In about 10 months I successfully lost 75 pounds. I was proud and I felt great for awhile. I may have lost all this weight but in my mind most days I still felt 217 pounds. I didn't weigh that anymore, but I felt it. 

I continued on with my goal striving for an image I had in my head. I was obsessed. I worked out for long hours, ate very little, recovered very little and had holes in my fitness everywhere. All that mattered to me though was that I was getting closer to an ideal image I had in my head. 

But all it took was one cheat meal to send me back to feeling like I had accomplished nothing at all. I felt like I was 217 all over again and I would get depressed and let it eat at me. I let it hold me back from a lot of things, because I still felt too fat do them. Crazy talk coming from someone who had almost a completely showing 6-pack. 

Now, I look back and I have such a different perspective. I realized how unhealthy my mind was at the time. I essentially worked myself into an eating disorder. I was ruining my own success by not looking at the whole picture. 

I don't know if it was even possible to change my mind at that time but of course hindsight is 20/20 and I see it all clearly now. 

So, since I am able to see my whole fitness journey in a different way now I am going to offer some tips for your fitness journey.

1. Progress is progress no matter how small it may be.

Celebrate these things! Not by throwing away your hard work but celebrate it mentally. Remind yourself of all the work you put in and how you did that! You did it and you can do more if you want to. It doesn't matter what the progress looks like, use it as motivation. 

2. Throw away ideal images.

You know what is ideal? Having a body that is healthy and that you love. That is all completely up to you. You have to love the body you are building. You only get one and it has an expiration date, so you better love it and stop comparing it to someone else's. Look up to yourself! Find the parts of your body that you absolutely are proud of and soak that up. Keep working towards building a stronger and healthier body but don't work on building your body to look like anyone else's because it will never happen. Our bodies are too unique. You are too unique. 

3. Pick clothes that you fit into not that you want to fit into.

You know what will change how you feel completely? Wearing something that actually fits you! Find clothes/outfits that you feel great in. Do not wear clothes you wish you still fit in or want to fit in, wear what you fit into right now. 

4. When you look in the mirror decide what you will see.

Too many people look in the mirror every day and find their flaws. Don't be that person. Look in the mirror and find stuff you do love, remind yourself you are on a journey and you are working towards something and it will all come together in time, not tonight, not tomorrow but in time because all great things take time and consistent effort. 

Don’t destroy yourself on the journey, build yourself up. Own where you are at in the journey. 


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